What is Yoga?

Wow - that's a big question, way too big to answer in one short paragraph and if it was easy then we wouldn't have much to teach you anyway!

In general, Yoga is a way to help us achieve balance and equilibrium in how we live, sleep, rest, work and play. For the majority of our classes we work to achieve this by concentrating on exercises that affect our breath, posture and movement.

We'll be teaching you things that you thought you already knew like how to breathe, how to sit comfortably for long periods, the art of standing up, and of course how to twist, bend and stretch effortlessly!

Pretty soon you'll be learning some totally unexpected things like:

  • Standing still can be incredibly hard work
  • Being upside down is surprisingly comfortable
  • Your body is more amazing, flexible and powerful than you think it is
  • ...and loads more!

What's in it for me?

Here are eight great things that Yoga could do for you....

  1. Relieve anxiety
  2. Decrease stress
  3. Fight depression
  4. Reduce chronic pain
  5. Improve heart health
  6. Improve sleep quality
  7. Reduce blood pressure
  8. Improve flexibility and balance

Of course, we can't promise that Yoga is a magic cure for any or all of these things and we're no substitute for medical advice but Yoga can be a great complementary activity that could help you control these and a range of other conditions.

Who can do Yoga?

Anyone! Yoga is great for all body types, shapes, ages and abilities. We offer modifications for all poses so if you have any medical conditions or other issues that make some of them awkward you’ll still be able to fully participate in all of the classes.

Sounds interesting?

Then meet the teachers who can help you along your journey...