Please take a look at these frequently asked questions and understand the answers as they as they contain really important information that you'll need to know before you come to your first class.

Am I too old/young/big/small/unfit/unhealthy to do Yoga?

NO! Yoga is all about working with your own limits and helping you get a better understanding of yourself. If you're thinking that you'll be really bad at Yoga that usually means that you're the sort of person who will get the biggest and fastest benefits from it.

The only thing we ask is that if you're under 16 you come accompanied by a parent or guardian.

I've got some specific medical issues that I'm worried about. Is Yoga safe for me?

Yes - although we may need to modify some of the poses and sequences for you. Our teachers are all trained to give modifications and alternatives for a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions but in order to do so we need you to have a word with us and let us know what we're dealing with.

We don't need your full medical history but please let us know anything that may be relevant - we're particularly interested in things like high/low blood pressure; heart problems; glaucoma; arthritis or other joint problems; torn muscles; sprains or other mobility issues.

If unsure then please talk to your GP first and let us know if they make any specific recommendations or cautions. Yoga can be incredibly good for you but like any exercise it is carried out at your own risk.

I'm pregnant, can I still come?

Hmmm.... maybe. Pregnancy and Yoga can work great together but how we modify your practice depends on what stage your pregnancy is at. We recommend that you get in touch with us for a chat if you're pregnant or think that you might be, so that we can make sure we offer the best experience for you and your baby.

What do I wear? I look rubbish in Lycra!

Whatever's comfortable for you! There's no need to spend a lot of money on branded Yoga clothing, or expensive sportswear. Joggers, leggings, shorts and a T-shirt are fine - just remember that you'll be spending a lot of time bending over, upside down, stretching and twisting so make sure you wear something comfortable. It's nearly winter and getting a bit chilly so you may want to bring a jumper or sweatshirt as well as it can be a bit cool at the start but don't worry - you'll warm up very quickly indeed.

We always practice barefoot as it really helps with balance so you don't need to worry about trainers either but you're welcome to bring some socks with you if you feel more comfortable that way. That said, there's a great nail bar next door so if you're reaching for the socks because you're bit self-conscious you could always treat yourself to a pedicure while you're here instead!

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

No - we provide mats and anything else you'll need for your classes, however if you're going to be coming regularly or practicing at home between classes you may want to consider buying your own mat. We usually have a couple of new ones for sale at the studio and will also be stocking blocks, straps and other props but you can also find some pretty good deals online if you'd prefer.

Some of our workshops may ask you to bring a notepad or other items but if this is the case we'll let you know about it well in advance.

Do I have to book in advance or can I just turn up?

We'd really appreciate you booking in advance because spaces are limited and it helps us to know how many people to expect. You are quite welcome to turn up and pay on the door however we can't guarantee that we'll have a mat or space for you as we need to give priority to people who have already booked.

Also, we offer a range of discounts and special offers that are only available for advance bookings so it's definitely worthwhile to reserve yourself a spot online. If you have trouble with online payments then please get in touch with us and we'll work something out.

Either way, please arrive at least five minutes before the class is due to start. We often lock the outer doors at night if we're the only ones in the centre so if you're late you may not be able to get in!

Do you offer refunds?

If we have to cancel a class that you've already paid for you will receive a full refund or a pass for another class - the choice is yours.

We don't offer refunds if you can't make a class but if you talk to us first we'll happily let you reuse your booking at another class, subject to there being space for you. Alternatively you can let someone else use your booking if you like - just let us now who will be coming instead and make sure they understand all the information in this faq.

Finally, we offer a Pay It Forward scheme - we want Yoga to be accessible for everyone so if you want to donate unused classes then just let us know you want to pay it forward and we'll give the class to someone who wants to try Yoga but can't afford it.